Detroit Home Deals

Detroit has the cheapest houses right now. Detroit wholesale rental houses will cost you $10-25K in the right areas.Here you can buy investment properties. Property management is everything in Detroit. We have deals already done 4u with tenants paying rent. CASH FLOW. Buy the rental house from us and collect rent the first month. You are an instant landlord with out all the hassle. Or you buy a fixer house house from us, pay for the rehab and our manager puts in the right tenant. We guard the house until the tenant moves in. We find the house, manage the rehab, and find the tenant. All done 4u. BUILD SOME EQUITY. Hands down we have the best rental deals in Detroit.

Phoenix Home Deals

Phoenix is the best place to find cash flowing rentals. Hard part is everyone else knows it. Fortunately we have our marketing out there all the time so we still find undervalued deals and wholesale them to you. Real estate investment in Phoenix rental house will cost you $60-80K. We manage the rehab, and put in the right tenant. Our manager keep the tenant paying and the fix up costs low. Get your CASH FLOW in Phoenix and become the next Phoenix millionaire. We have the best deals in Phoenix.

So Cal Home Deals

Here you can find the best the deals in San Diego and LA. We market for deals not on the MLS. We find good deals to flip in San Diego and Los Angeles and wholesale them to you.