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CASH FLOW$$ in Michigan – House prices Rising!

Wholesale Detroit home

We are buying Brick Ranches in suburbs of Detroit. Why you ask? Excellent Property Management and Cash Flow. Those are the 2 Key elements of a buy and hold property.

Purchase Prices are 15-20K with 5K in rehab costs. Rents are $800-850 per month. After taxes, insurance, management and repairs, that’s a 28% return on your cash investment (ROI) every year. In 3.5 years you have paid your initial investment back and its all cash after that. Perfect for new investors with The big investors are buying them 20 at a time. Lock in the prices before they rise. They make great investments for landlords or Trust Deed Investors. You will never get that kind of return anywhere else.

We have solved the usual issues with Detroit by having excellent property management, an attorney who lowers your property taxes, a group insurance policy, and low priced contractors. My partner lives there and manages the properties himself. So you have boots on the ground. IRA investments welcome. Put in your email to the right and we will get you started.

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Detroit Suburbs 2 Houses SOLD **22K each**

Wholesale Detroit home

If you missed buying these cash cows, WE HAVE MORE COMING!!!! Two brick Ranches in a suburb of Detroit. Price is $21,000 for Each. I own 2 houses within a few blocks. One of my tenants has been there 4 years. The owner of these 2 houses needs to move on for medical reasons. One of the houses for sale has the section 8 tenant in place paying $827 per month. The second has a Section 8 paying $850. These used to go for over $100,000. We have management, and low priced contractors in place for your needs. My partner lives in the next town and invests in the area every day. So you have boots on the ground. IRA investments welcome.

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